Oh Yeah, Stick and Poke!
This is a blog of your daily Stick n' poke tattoos! Feel free to submit your own stick n pokes or ask me questions!

My newest stick n poke done by a friend of a friend.
How can i make a diy stencil at home? Keeping in mind that I have limited supplies.

There are some ways, one I know is if you have I think it was wax paper, draw your stencil on it, then rub gel deodorant on it. I personally didn’t like it because when you have to wipe away smudged ink from the surface of your skin, then stencil would wipe away too. If you really would want to invest, order tattoo transfer paper and skin markers made for transferring off Amazon. You can sometimes find good deals. Sorry I’m not much help, but I’m sure you can find more diy ideas on Google! Happy poking!

what is the least painful place for a stick n' poke?

Anywhere that’s is muscle or fat! Bone and thin areas are the most painful. I personally thought my thigh was the least painful of my snps. I barely felt it there, so that’s what I recommend. Hope this helps! Happy poking!


▲ Ghost Vintage Clothing ▲

couldn’t be happier

Broken stick-n-poke I traded Kendra today

I did a new poke! 

check it out!!!!!!!!

Stick n poke I did on Jace
Is it ok to use Neosporin on a healing stick and poke?

I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to put topical ointments over healing tattoos because it acts as a barrier, which can potentially trap bacteria or an infection inside. If you can, they make special topical ointments like Tattoo Goo. But washing with antibacterial soap and warm water will do the trick! Hope this helped! Happy Poking!


My first tattoo to commemorate recovery from depression, suicide, and self harm. One year SH free as of today <3