Oh Yeah, Stick and Poke!
This is a blog of your daily Stick n' poke tattoos! Feel free to submit your own stick n pokes or ask me questions!

So I got some new stick and pokes.
Is it ok to use Neosporin on a healing stick and poke?

I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to put topical ointments over healing tattoos because it acts as a barrier, which can potentially trap bacteria or an infection inside. If you can, they make special topical ointments like Tattoo Goo. But washing with antibacterial soap and warm water will do the trick! Hope this helped! Happy Poking!


My first tattoo to commemorate recovery from depression, suicide, and self harm. One year SH free as of today <3 

✨🌛 libra constellation ✌️
My first tattoo, done by myself. I know it’s a little wobbly in places but I love it!
me and my best friend did little stick and pokes of aliens and planets tonight and we are very happy. didn't really hurt at all :)

That sounds super cute! Submit a pic! I want to see. :)


fresh as alpine cabin on Jason
Pokers Can Relate

Months after doing a stick n poke and then the urge to do another arises.

im only thirteen and recently did my first snp on myself; i made sure to become very educated on snp's before doing one, but since im underage to get an actual tattoo could i still get in trouble for doing a snp myself? :/

You won’t get into any kind of legal trouble or with school, you’ll probably just be frowned upon. Welcome to the club kid.


welcome to the club buddy

The year all subsequent years of my life will be compared to, I felt a need to honour it and those who helped make it so memorable