Oh Yeah, Stick and Poke!
This is a blog of your daily Stick n' poke tattoos! Feel free to submit your own stick n pokes or ask me questions!

new snp ideas :))

my legs + courtney’s leg. Your legs can look like mine too! 

Got poked last night, by the insanely talented Zane Prater. His work is incredible I highly suggest looking at his Instagram it is artofzane.

Hand poked magic eye for Autumn! 

hey it’s my arm and my leg! All these tattoos by me on me except the one in the middle of the tarot cards that you can’t really see.

Round 1. I have to wait until the redness goes down to make it better. 🌜

My stick n poke collection is coming along nicely.

Perfectly imperfect.


put a little poppy sorta thing on my leg.

Heyoooo I blog too much but this is me new tattoo
So I'm 15 and I want to give myself stick n poke but I'm really nervous to do it because my dad is an emergency med doctor and he tells me these stories of people who try and give themselves stick n poke and get bad infections so I'm wondering if u know how likely it is to get infections from stick n poke and some ways to prevent getting them

Well there is always the risk of getting an infection, always. But there are many ways to minimize those risks. Like ALWAYS sterilize your needles to the best of your abilities, sterilize your skin with rubbing alcohol, just sterilize everything that comes in contact with the needle, ink, and your skin. You also should have great aftercare for your stick n poke by washing it with antibacterial soap and don’t pick your tattoo when it scabs! Im sorry I can’t really say how likely it is to get an infection, it varies from how well you sterilize your equipment, keep up with aftercare, and how your body takes to the tattoo. Hope this helps, Happy Poking!


Scissor Stick n Poke