Oh Yeah, Stick and Poke!
This is a blog of your daily Stick n' poke tattoos! Feel free to submit your own stick n pokes or ask me questions!

Scissor Stick n Poke
HOW TO: stick n poke tattoos


whenever i bring up my stick n pokes i always get questions on how i do it, what i use and is it safe, so i decided to make a big post about it, since i don’t really like all of the guides i’ve seen when googling how to do it, they make it so complicated and scary looking, when it’s really simple. this post will tell you what to use (what i used), how to do it and also address some frequently asked questions

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This is a very accurate guide to use!


FIDLAR was done 2 yrs ago, and the crystal ball was done a few months ago 

first pass
"NICE DREAM" over my left knee
50 Notes?

If this post gets 50 notes, then I will post pics of my 3 s&p’s!

in regards to the temporary tattoo anon, it probably won't be harmful but it's not very helpful. you won't be able to tell what areas you have already gone over and what areas need more work...

I just did one "pracitse dot" on the spot where I'm going to do my s&p. Does it require the same after care as a full fledged s&p?

I am TERRIBLE with my s&p’s! Lol. When I practice poked I never cared properly like a complete s&p. Nothing happened to me, BUT YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU’LL GET AN INFECTION. You’re breaking your skin barrier, letting bacteria and germs in. So I advise to ALWAYS properly sanitize and clean it when you shower. Hope this helps! Happy Poking!

Right now I have a temporary tattoo on and I was wondering if I could use that instead of pen as the guide for my new stick and poke? Like is it safe to go over the temporary tattoo with the stick and poke?

IM NOT POSITIVE, but I believe that it wouldn’t be harmful. They make temporary tattoos to safely go on your skin, so it isn’t harmful to your body. But like I said, I don’t know for a fact. Proceed at your own risk. Hope this helps! Happy Poking!

After i do a snp how do i keep it clean and care for it?

To keep it clean; rinse with clean water and wash with antibacterial soap daily for the 2 weeks it takes to heal. To care for it; you need to lotion it constantly so it isn’t all scabby, its normal to scab, its just your skin’s way of healing. Hope this helps!


hand poked moon lady on Courtney!!! I love this one! 
So I've been wanting another stick and poke for a long time now (I already have two) but I'm on the swim team and I have practice four days a week, so I'm wondering if it's safe for me to do one any time soon??

It would be best to wait at least 3 months to go swimming after getting a tattoo, because then you would have a full layer of skin over it, so it might be best to wait until you’re done with swim. Hope this helps!


My 12th stick n’ poke.

My healed sunflower aka my favorite snp :)