Oh Yeah, Stick and Poke!
This is a blog of your daily Stick n' poke tattoos! Feel free to submit your own stick n pokes or ask me questions!

welcome to the club buddy

The year all subsequent years of my life will be compared to, I felt a need to honour it and those who helped make it so memorable

Infinity bunny for tumblr user rightoux

xoxo by @chillowrosenberg (while actually watchin buffy)

a lil self done tattoo

i tattooed myself the other day ✖✖

Hamsa and a UFO

tattooed this lil tree on my lovely boyfriend’s foot

tack Lovis! ♡ #stickandpoke #helvete http://ift.tt/1vqfQp1
 this one was made by my friend Lovisa!
what exactly IS a stick and poke?

A stick n poke is a homemade or DIY tattoo. You clean it yourself. You draw the design on with non toxic pen ink yourself. You use sewing needles or tattoo needles to poke the ink into your skin yourself. You use India Ink (non toxic and acid free ink) or tattoo ink. And you poke repeatedly into your skin to form a design. It is a much longer process than using a tattoo machine. And then you take care of your snp (stick n poke) heals. Pretty much, its just a homemade tattoo with a needle and ink. Hope this helps! Happy Poking!


doodles by makeyrmomsad.tumblr.com

I’m numb and way too easy